Spoon University: 5 Reasons Why Pittsburgh’s Katie’s Kandy Is Everything You Want In a Candy Store

Because we think candy is pretty dandy

By: Amanda Savarese


If Aaron Carter got one thing right, it’s that he had a killer instinct when it came to satisfying his sweet tooth. Katie’s Kandy, a nostalgic candy shop with several locations in the Pittsburgh area, will send you back to your preteen years the moment you step in the door. You’ll be singing into a hairbrush in front of your mirror (Lizzie McGuire-style) in no time.

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Instead of dreaming about a washed-up pop star, you’ll be salivating over velvety-smooth chocolate, creamy caramel and a bag of jelly beans with surprising pops of flavor. Here are 5 reasons why Katie’s is the go-to place when you desire that sugary goodness that’ll have you singing, “so sweet, you make my mouth water.”

1. Candy That Brings You Back to Your Childhood

Photo by Abigail Wang

Do you remember those wax bottles candies with a shot of flavored syrup in them? They’re called Nik-L-Nip and they’ve got ’em at Katie’s. Bring back childhood memories by chewin’ on some Hubba Bubba Hawaiian Punch or poppin’ some watermelon-flavored Pop Rocks into your mouth. For a couple of moments you’ll forget that you ever wanted to grow up.

2. Retro Candy

Photo by Abigail Wang

Candy button strips, Charleston Chew, Necco Wafers, Razzels and Mallo Cups to name just a few. Soon you’ll be having flashbacks to the California Gold Rush, I Love Lucy, vinyl records and big hair.

3. $6.99/lb. Grab Bag

Photo by Abigail Wang

So many options, such a small bag. You’ll be asking yourself if gummy bears go with candy corn just to decide it doesn’t matter and dump a spoonful of each into your bag.

4. Foreign Candy

Photo by Abigail Wang

Kinder Surprise by the Italian company Ferrero may or may not be banned in the States, but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find—just make sure you don’t choke on the toy inside. Katie’s also has options from the UK like Milkybar, Chewits, Aeroand tons more from the crowd favorite Cadbury.

5. Chocolate Covered Everything

Photo by Abigail Wang

Did you ever think that chocolate covered Swedish Fish could be a thing? Because it is. The options for chocolate are endless at Katie’s. From dark chocolate covered cherries to white chocolate covered Oreos to milk chocolate tiramisu truffles, it’s impossible to pick just one. In fact, we encourage you to pick as many as you want.


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